Becoming a Member at Redeemer

Membership is open to all who qualify and who feel God leading them to make this their church home. To qualify for membership, individuals must: (1) be at least sixteen years of age; (2) make or have made an open profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior in accordance with the Holy Scriptures; (3) demonstrate a genuine desire to understand and obey the Will of God for their lives; (4) attend the services of the Church on a regular basis for at least three months prior to admission to membership; and (5) sign and enter into the membership covenant of the church. All of this you can learn about, and ask questions about, in the forums discussed below.

Newcomers Chat

If you are interested in learning more about Redeemer, you can attend a Newcomers Chat to hear about our church’s story and values. This is a 15-20 minute gathering immediately following our service on a Sunday morning. The Newcomers Chat is typically offered twice a semester and the congregation is notified at least one month in advance through the bulletin and monthly e-newsletter. Childcare is provided to those who RSVP.

Explore Redeemer

Explore Redeemer is our required introductory class for those prayerfully considering church membership. Explore Redeemer is a two-hour gathering that meets at the church in the evening (no childcare provided). Explore Redeemer is offered twice a year, in the middle of each semester (typically in March/April or October/November). The congregation is notified of this gathering at least one month in advance in the bulletin and monthly e-newsletter. You will be asked to read over some material before attending so the time together can be spent on questions, concerns, and clarifications. You will be sent the reading material in an email after you RSVP.

Please note: If you are a married couple attending Explore Redeemer with the intent of becoming members, both spouses must attend in order to become members. Children over the age of 16 are welcome to become members of the church and participate in this process.

While you do not have to attend a Newcomers Chat to become a member, you must attend Explore Redeemer to become a member.

Elder Conversation

After prayerfully considering if you would like Redeemer to be your church home, you will meet with an elder to talk about your faith journey and why you desire to become a member at Redeemer. This will also provide an individual setting for you to ask questions about the church. These conversations last about an hour and you will meet at the church offices in the late afternoon or evening during the week.

Once you have met with an elder for your Elder Conversation, and we have received your signed membership agreement, you will be a member of Christ the Redeemer Church of Marietta. So, the full process of membership looks like this:

Explore Redeemer -> Elder Conversation -> Signed Membership Agreement

Online Directory

We use Instant Church Directory to help our people connect with each other. If you would like to add your information to the directory and gain access to view it, email Sam.