What does Covenantal Mean?

We join the rich history of Covenant Theology (also referred to as Reformed Theology) and churches that understand the overarching narrative of the Bible as God’s plan of redemption worked out through the covenants God sovereignly established.

The Bible is divided into two covenants: the “Covenant of Law” (or works) and the Covenant of Grace. The Covenant of Law began with Adam in the Garden as he was promised eternal life if he refused the temptation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This Covenant of Law is clearly seen with Moses at Mount Sinai as the Ten Commandments are given to the people. Law reveals the holiness of God and the brokenness of man to live up to it. Relief comes with the Covenant of Grace, which also began with Adam as God initiated relationship with Adam directly after his rebellion. God promised to send a Seed of the woman (Jesus) who would defeat evil (Genesis 3:15) and destroy the power of the law over man (Galatians 3). In the Covenant of Grace God promises, and brings forth, Jesus Christ to fulfill the broken Covenant of the Law as a representative of all people. For more on law and grace please read the FAQ article “What is the law? What is the Gospel?”

By Russ Masterson / Christ the Redeemer Church of Marietta

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