Grace Centered

  1. Grace-centered churches understand that the gospel is not the ABC’s of Christianity (the beginning) but the A to Z (the totality). Meaning, the gospel of Jesus is both for the Christian and non-Christian.
  2. Grace-centered churches understand that obedience to God’s ways and transformation of any kind, especially heart transformation, cannot happen apart from the good news of God’s grace.
  3. Grace-centered churches teach “justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ’s work alone.” The focus is on what has been DONE by Christ not on what we DO.
  4. Grace-centered churches believe the Christian life is about deepening the return to God’s grace, not moving on to a list of what a Christian should do. By deepening our return, and abiding in Christ, fruit is born in the life of the Christian.
  5. Grace-centered churches keep the focus of all activity – preaching, teaching, worship, outreach, discipleship, service – centered on the riches of God’s grace known through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the new life imparted to us by His Spirit.
  6. Grace-centered churches believe the gospel must be preached from every text of the Bible, because in our human nature we are constantly reverting to self-reliance and self-justification.
  7. Grace-centered churches understand grace to be one-way love from God to us. It is this unconditionality that places people in a position of humility, granting them freedom, peace, and security.
  8. Grace-centered churches model leadership that is about repentance and continued astonishment of God’s grace.