Redeemer Core Values


Grace | Worship | Growth | Community | Mission

We desire to be a people who rest in the full work of Jesus for our absolution, acceptance, and to grow deeper in what it means to live life in the Spirit of God.

Grace – We believe in the liberating freedom of the gospel revealed in the grace of Jesus Christ. This gospel relieves the human heart from guilt, shame, and self-justification. We are free from striving to create our own righteousness and free to be at rest from the endless ways we self-justify with achievement, pleasure, and even religion. We believe although we are more broken (more sinful) than we can imagine, we are more loved (forever righteous) by God than we ever dared to dream.

At Redeemer, grace changes everything and is the foundation and power by which everything is understood and lived.

Worship – We are created to live lives of worship. We do this as we engage in corporate worship as a church and also in personal devotion. We believe worship occurs when we are humbling our hearts and lives into postures of receiving from God.

At Redeemer, we create opportunities to worship in our Sunday services, through music, teaching, baptism, communion, and learning to walk in the Spirit, which is the daily practice of worship.

Growth – We grow in the grace of God by living more deeply in the great wealth of our beloved identity in Jesus Christ, as we know it through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. The Holy Spirit uses this deepening to heal and transform us. This is a rest from our self-reliant striving as to know a spiritual growth that occurs only by God’s work in our lives. This growth in grace is a lifelong process filled with imperfection and grace, confession and peace.

At Redeemer, opportunities for growing in grace exist in Sunday worship and teaching, the receiving of communion, gatherings and groups, as well as personal devotional practices.

Community – We are made in the image of the triune God and are, therefore, created out of community and for community. We are called to rich relationships characterized by compassion and humility.

At Redeemer, we create opportunities for community through retreats, men’s and women’s events, community dinner groups, small groups, and Sunday School classes.

Mission – We are called to be people of influence by living lives of love, grace, and truth toward our families, neighbors, culture, and all of those in need.

At Redeemer, we desire to be a people of influence in all areas of life and desire to use service and creativity to further the values of the Kingdom of God.