Core Values


The gospel of grace is the beginning of all we are and do.

The gospel of grace is the good news that we can be made right with God by what Jesus has done, by transferring our sin to Himself and giving us His righteousness. This fully satisfies God’s justice and makes us beloved in His sight. As Christians, we know ourselves to be unimaginably weak but unconditionally loved – fully known and fully loved by God. Maturing in the Christian faith comes by a deepening of one’s understanding of God’s Word and His grace. This gospel of grace is the power that frees, inspires, and animates us as Christians.


A community which welcomes and loves all people

We are a community of the redeemed, rescued by God’s grace, called to rich relationships characterized by compassion and humility.


Lives distinguished by love toward our neighbor; rich, poor, or in between.

The gospel of grace creates a blessed forgetfulness within us; it calls us to be an outward focused church as we desire the gospel of grace to permeate Marietta and beyond, even unto the nations. For us this involves several joyful pursuits: loving our neighbor, loving the nations, and caring for the poor, oppressed, widows, and orphans. These actions are not done as to cause God’s approval, for Christians are secure in Jesus alone. This “missional” life is a fruit of a deepening knowledge of God’s grace and the humility it creates.

We also see this core value of mission being expressed in multiplication and culture. As for multiplication, we desire to be a local congregation to the city of Marietta, and as God wills and leads, to help start new churches in other areas. As for culture, we desire to neither embrace nor reject our culture, but to engage our culture in all areas of industry and the arts with the distinctive values of the Kingdom of God. The gospel of grace has a deep, vital impact on all aspects of life, therefore we are joyfully committed to people engaging the culture around them in their careers and interests.