How Do I Connect at Redeemer?

Fellowship Events
Every other month, women’s gatherings and men’s fellowship events meet during the evening (men usually meet on Wednesdays and women on Thursdays) for about two hours in a home in Marietta. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet people and get to know folks outside of Sunday mornings. The time together includes conversation, dinner, and someone will share a little about their faith journey and how the grace of God has been working in their lives.

Once a quarter we have a fellowship event on a Sunday afternoon. Past events have included a softball tournament, kickball games, indoor roller skating, and a picnic at a local park. These events are fun for all ages and the invitation is open to any and all people.

Stay up to date on these event details by signing up for our newsletter that goes out on the first Wednesday of each month. You can do so here.

Community Dinner Groups
Community Dinner Groups (or CDGs) are a monthly gathering of ten to twelve individuals (adults only; no childcare provided) that meet in a host’s home to share a meal. The purpose of these groups is for Redeemer people to get to know each other, and for people new to Redeemer to get to know us. These are a casual environment of food and conversation, but not really a casual sign up. Meaning, if you sign up, we hope you can make it to the meals. Throughout scriptures and history sharing a meal has always been one of the most relationship-building gatherings in societies.

There are two rounds of sign-ups for Community Dinner Groups each year. The first round is in August for groups that meet September through December. In this round, the groups will be sorted by the area of town that people live in. The second round is in January for groups that meet February through May. In this round, the groups will be sorted by day of the week. The purpose for sorting the groups this way is because we value the different neighborhoods represented in our church, as well as the variety that these groups can bring. Groups do not meet during the summertime.

However, if you are interested in being a CDG and you missed a sign-up period, please let us know.

Small Groups
Small groups create a place for people to be cared for and care for others, while giving time for us to discuss meaningful truths and how they intersect in our lives. These groups will be focused on studying the previous weeks’ sermon text, discussion, and praying for each other. The aim is for us to let grace and truth root deeply into our hearts and minds as we discuss it and listen to others talk about it.

We have men’s, women’s and couples small groups that run during the school year (September through May) and break during the holidays. Small groups meet either weekly or bi-weekly (depending on your facilitator).  We will have sign-ups for small groups each August. If you have any questions about small groups or missed the sign up period, please let us know.